POS Event Notification System for Toshiba ACE.

What is REDAlerts

REDAlerts is an add-on for SurePOS ACE which provides real time messaging between the lane and management.

Provides the ability for cashiers to simply press a button on the ACE SI GUI to page a manager (MOD)

Provides automatic notification to store personnel of events which have occurred in the lane based on the 2x20 operator display

What’s Makes REDAlerts Special

No Code Required

REDAlerts is a "drop-in" requiring no coding changes to your ACE application

User Friendly

REDAlerts is easy to use, using the technologies your employees already use every single day.


You choose what alerts to send, how and where to send them.


Messages sent from the register to the REDAlerts server use the latest in secure messaging.



Use our new app (Android only), or any SMS or popular chat client.


Since no app is required, RED Alerts is fully compatible with Apple when used with SMS or Chat.

MOD video demos

Discover Features

Fast and Convenient

Save time and money by reducing manager notification delays.

Highly Configurable

Create your own alerts and send them where you like (SMS, Chat, Databases, etc...)

Improved communication

REDAlerts improves communication between your cashiers, register systems, managers and even home office

Standard Technology

REDAlerts requires no investment above or beyond the register system and mobile devices you already have

Device Independent

Use of standard technology means alerts can be sent virtually anywhere!